Linked Life with you

Linked is our life,

Linked is my smile with smile of yours,

The heart is linked with you,

The life does not have time,

Then to time has linked each other’s life,

The link of the relation which linked us is not understandable,

The link is so much confusing that either we fight and smile or we smile and then fight,

The life is linked to you; just make use of it in a positive way,

My life will always be linked to you,

You are the part of my life,

The relationship we share is pure like crystal,

Our friendship is linked like car and petrol,

Our relation is linked like moon and stars,

We share the temper, we share the tears,

Linked by you is like linked by the sky,

Hearts are linked like magnets,

Love linked us or we linked love in us.

Linked is our life,

Linked you to my soul,

I am linked in your heart and your thoughts.

About the Author: Shrutee

Always be yourself and always love yourself...