Time Passed Away

The time passed away which we had shared,

Thing got changed in seconds,

Till yesterday we were laughing on the silly fights we shared,

Today we are acting like strangers,

The time flows away very soon,

The best of best person becomes the strangest person,,

The life and time plays the strangest part,

The time passed away which we shared.

The time never holds so did you?

The time passed but we are still strangers,

Emotions passed away,

The time made us meet new people in life,

Still time makes us remember the time which we had spend with each other,

You walked ahead with the Time I am still with that time where we both use to exist.

Time is Time it never changes; only we change our self with the time.

Yesterday you had told you cannot leave me anywhere with anyone,

But today you are with someone and I am alone with the time,

Time teaches the lesson,

Lesson of being strong when you are weak, being soulful.

About the Author: Shrutee

Always be yourself and always love yourself...