Know me know happiness, no me no happiness

One word has so many meanings,

Life is full of meaning with the words,

One words with two different spellings, with two different meaning,

But when said it sounds the same,

Happiness comes when you are ready to fly with the pleasure of happiness,

Know me Know happiness, Happiness in knowing me is the best time of knowing you,

Know me you will know the happy time, small happiness,

No me there would be smile, but the happiness would not be there,

I am a toxic which you need in your life,

When this toxic of your happiness gets out of your life,

It would be toughest thing to accept,

Know me Know happiness,

As I am silent Happiness,

The words are silent’s,

The Happiness covered up by me for you,

To be in the safe arms,

No me no safe arms,

No me no life,

Know me know mischief,

Know me Know madness,

Happiness is just in small things you do,

Always me Know me Know Happiness,

As No Me No Happiness would be in your life.


About the Author: Shrutee

Always be yourself and always love yourself...