Love betrayed

Love the feeling when I saw you first time,

Love the time we had spend together,

Love the pureness of your innocence,

Then why my love, you betrayed me,

My love you showed me the best side of life,

My love you only showed me the worst side of bitterness,

The betrayal of your love, made me what I was not,

You betrayed my feelings, the feeling which were and still are just for you,

In the room of love, you made the room of betrayal,

The pain was not of the betrayal, pain was of the love which was and it is still just for you,

My love you made me like a crunched paper, my heart is crunched into broken pieces,

Today also I sit in dark and think about the betrayal of your love, was it wrong to love you,

Love betrays us or we betray love.

Betrayal of your love ruined my life,

The betrayal of my feelings by you, made me lost all the faith in love,

You betrayed the love but still I could not betray my love for you, which is still alive in the heart.

Still living with that crunched heart, with a hope of you coming back to me, to gather all the broken pieces of my heart and rejoin it into just one heart of our love,

Whenever I close my eyes, the movie of our moments starts which were so beautiful,

A tear starts falling and I start smiling,

The pain of your betrayal has made me a loner,

I still get wet in the rains, just to feel you in my arms,

To betray is easy but to walk with that betrayal is like walking on the thorns just to feel the pain physically,

Still in my dreams I hear your voice, but when I wake up, there are just four walls,

My love your betrayal made me toughest person and at same time weakest,

Weakest I have lost all the faith of loving someone again,

Toughest by mind but at heart I still love you,

My love you betrayed me for someone, but are you happy with that someone.

About the Author: Shrutee

Always be yourself and always love yourself...