Ever Or Never

Attachment died of your actions,

Attachment which attached us,

Emotions attached us,

you broke that emotions,

Time brought us together,

you broke that time,

Trust which attached us you broke that trust,

Feelings which are so special,

you made their value a zero,

Happiness which brought smile on our face,

you did not value that smile and happiness,

A Pain which attached us so much near,

You turned that pain into sadness,

You always walked according to your feelings,

but you never saw back that i was walking with you according to your feeling,

You attached me to your world,

but in few time you DE attached me from your world,

A World which i had taken as mine,

Feelings of your always meant for me,

for you your ego and anger meant,

Pure feeling of love which attached us,

you broke that love in me,

A Love which was just unconditional for you only,

But you took that love as one more passing feeling,

You made me DE attached from you now you want me too get that attachement back,

Once DE attached can never rejoin that attachment..

Attachment died and formalities grew,

You loved me according to your mood,

I loved you by heart…

You DE attached me from you through your actions..

Attachment happens easily,but once DE attached can never get that attachment back…..

About the Author: Shrutee

Always be yourself and always love yourself...