It’s Rare

Passion of your love

Made me best,

Light of your care

Made me soft,

Hug of yours

Took me to heaven,

Smile of yours

Made me fight with the world,

Beauty of your lips

Made me speak the unsaid words,

Mind of yours

Made me played with my heartbeats,

Words said by you

Made me sung the tunes of your life,

Moments of your

Made me slept in the blanket of happiness,

Mystery of your heart

Made me a searcher,

Mysterious you

Made me the crazy lover,

Passion of your love

Made me what I was not…

Madness of yours

Made me lost,

Touch of yours

Melted me into soft flowing water,

Eyes of yours

Made me fall deep for you,

Kiss of yours

Made me blush,

Walk of yours,

Made me mesmerized,

Each Part of your Existence

Made me the princess of your heart…


About the Author: Shrutee

Always be yourself and always love yourself...