Love You Never Understood

My Love is connected to your soul,

The relation is connected from past many years,

You don’t know love is entangled in our soul,

I am your soul,

The love for you is my heartbeats,

The love which you don’t understand,

When the shine of yours is down,

I bright my shine just to see you shining,

I never ever asked why me,

Whenever you hurt me,

I never asked why you did hide the love…

I love each and every moment,

But you always love to be in a material world,

I love you; you love your own world,

I am a part of your world, but not your world…

I wish to tell you everything,

But you just understand the material words,

Not love..

When i get far from you

You start getting panicked,

When i am with you

You are with your material world,

I exist in your life

When you release i am far from you,

When I am with you,

I am just listening the unsaid words,

I just feel your heartbeats,

You are part of my heart,

A Part which can never be removed.

About the Author: Shrutee

Always be yourself and always love yourself...