What relation you share with me?

You say I am yours,

You say you love me,

You say you hate me,

You go mad on me,

Sometimes you say you are attached to me,

You say life is black without my existence,

Sometimes you say get lost,

You pretend you don’t care,

You just quietly see me,

Sometimes you just ignore me,

Sometimes you make me smile.

You get jealous,

You hate sharing me,

Sometimes you stop talking,

Sometimes you just talk 24*7,

What relation we share?

A relation which has no name,

A relation of love,

A relation of friendship,

A relation which we don’t know?

You make me cry, your fight, arguments all can handled,

The relation we share is mysterious and unknown,

Loving each moment with you, in unnamed relation…



About the Author: Shrutee

Always be yourself and always love yourself...