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Love You Never Understood

My Love is connected to your soul,

The relation is connected from past many years,

You don’t know love is entangled in our soul,

I am your soul,

The love for you is my heartbeats,

The love which you don’t understand,

When the shine of yours is down,

I bright my shine just to see you shining,

I never ever asked why me,

Whenever you hurt me,

I never asked why you did hide the love…

I love each and every moment,

But you always love to be in a material world,

I love you; you love your own world,

I am a part of your world, but not your world…

I wish to tell you everything,

But you just understand the material words,

Not love..

When i get far from you

You start getting panicked,

When i am with you

You are with your material world,

I exist in your life

When you release i am far from you,

When I am with you,

I am just listening the unsaid words,

I just feel your heartbeats,

You are part of my heart,

A Part which can never be removed.

It’s Rare

Passion of your love

Made me best,

Light of your care

Made me soft,

Hug of yours

Took me to heaven,

Smile of yours

Made me fight with the world,

Beauty of your lips

Made me speak the unsaid words,

Mind of yours

Made me played with my heartbeats,

Words said by you

Made me sung the tunes of your life,

Moments of your

Made me slept in the blanket of happiness,

Mystery of your heart

Made me a searcher,

Mysterious you

Made me the crazy lover,

Passion of your love

Made me what I was not…

Madness of yours

Made me lost,

Touch of yours

Melted me into soft flowing water,

Eyes of yours

Made me fall deep for you,

Kiss of yours

Made me blush,

Walk of yours,

Made me mesmerized,

Each Part of your Existence

Made me the princess of your heart…


Love steeled me

Love in your eyes

Caught my heartbeats,

Love of your smile

Steals my smile,

Kiss of your lips,

Flied me in your love world,

Love of your arms

Molded me into most beautiful Girl,

Silent expression of yours

Muted my life,

Steals by your love,

Steals my heart,

Hand in hand long walk

Steals me from my moods,

Every touch of yours

Touched my soul,

Every Night your awaked eyes

Made me secured,

Your every word

Shivers my body,

Time gets Hold

When I am with you

Love of yours

Steeled me from myself.






Ever Or Never

Attachment died of your actions,

Attachment which attached us,

Emotions attached us,

you broke that emotions,

Time brought us together,

you broke that time,

Trust which attached us you broke that trust,

Feelings which are so special,

you made their value a zero,

Happiness which brought smile on our face,

you did not value that smile and happiness,

A Pain which attached us so much near,

You turned that pain into sadness,

You always walked according to your feelings,

but you never saw back that i was walking with you according to your feeling,

You attached me to your world,

but in few time you DE attached me from your world,

A World which i had taken as mine,

Feelings of your always meant for me,

for you your ego and anger meant,

Pure feeling of love which attached us,

you broke that love in me,

A Love which was just unconditional for you only,

But you took that love as one more passing feeling,

You made me DE attached from you now you want me too get that attachement back,

Once DE attached can never rejoin that attachment..

Attachment died and formalities grew,

You loved me according to your mood,

I loved you by heart…

You DE attached me from you through your actions..

Attachment happens easily,but once DE attached can never get that attachment back…..

Love betrayed

Love the feeling when I saw you first time,

Love the time we had spend together,

Love the pureness of your innocence,

Then why my love, you betrayed me,

My love you showed me the best side of life,

My love you only showed me the worst side of bitterness,

The betrayal of your love, made me what I was not,

You betrayed my feelings, the feeling which were and still are just for you,

In the room of love, you made the room of betrayal,

The pain was not of the betrayal, pain was of the love which was and it is still just for you,

My love you made me like a crunched paper, my heart is crunched into broken pieces,

Today also I sit in dark and think about the betrayal of your love, was it wrong to love you,

Love betrays us or we betray love.

Betrayal of your love ruined my life,

The betrayal of my feelings by you, made me lost all the faith in love,

You betrayed the love but still I could not betray my love for you, which is still alive in the heart.

Still living with that crunched heart, with a hope of you coming back to me, to gather all the broken pieces of my heart and rejoin it into just one heart of our love,

Whenever I close my eyes, the movie of our moments starts which were so beautiful,

A tear starts falling and I start smiling,

The pain of your betrayal has made me a loner,

I still get wet in the rains, just to feel you in my arms,

To betray is easy but to walk with that betrayal is like walking on the thorns just to feel the pain physically,

Still in my dreams I hear your voice, but when I wake up, there are just four walls,

My love your betrayal made me toughest person and at same time weakest,

Weakest I have lost all the faith of loving someone again,

Toughest by mind but at heart I still love you,

My love you betrayed me for someone, but are you happy with that someone.

Linked Life with you

Linked is our life,

Linked is my smile with smile of yours,

The heart is linked with you,

The life does not have time,

Then to time has linked each other’s life,

The link of the relation which linked us is not understandable,

The link is so much confusing that either we fight and smile or we smile and then fight,

The life is linked to you; just make use of it in a positive way,

My life will always be linked to you,

You are the part of my life,

The relationship we share is pure like crystal,

Our friendship is linked like car and petrol,

Our relation is linked like moon and stars,

We share the temper, we share the tears,

Linked by you is like linked by the sky,

Hearts are linked like magnets,

Love linked us or we linked love in us.

Linked is our life,

Linked you to my soul,

I am linked in your heart and your thoughts.

Time Passed Away

The time passed away which we had shared,

Thing got changed in seconds,

Till yesterday we were laughing on the silly fights we shared,

Today we are acting like strangers,

The time flows away very soon,

The best of best person becomes the strangest person,,

The life and time plays the strangest part,

The time passed away which we shared.

The time never holds so did you?

The time passed but we are still strangers,

Emotions passed away,

The time made us meet new people in life,

Still time makes us remember the time which we had spend with each other,

You walked ahead with the Time I am still with that time where we both use to exist.

Time is Time it never changes; only we change our self with the time.

Yesterday you had told you cannot leave me anywhere with anyone,

But today you are with someone and I am alone with the time,

Time teaches the lesson,

Lesson of being strong when you are weak, being soulful.

God Is Inside Us

No one has seen god

But we feel god is protecting us,

We have never heard god,

But then to we hear some voices, when we are alone,

God does not cry, when we are crying,

But then to we feel that someone is crying with us,

God has so many faces

But we love all the faces and pray to them,

God only love’s one face that is inside us,

God does not stay anywhere

But stays in our own self that is our soul,

God does not expects lots of money, gold, sweets

But god accepts honesty and humanity,

God has so many faces

But then to god teaches us first trust and love our soul,

God‘s favorite home is not Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, Church

But god’s favorite home is in every human’s being soul,

If soul is pure and true then no matter how tough is life?

You will always succeed because god is always walking with us

As an invisible shadow.



I Be Myself

I don’t pretend, I am myself,

But if you think I pretend than you seriously don’t know yourself,

I just be myself,

I speak truth,

I know sometimes truth hurts,

But I don’t play with emotions,

I am silent just to see you happy,

I don’t express my love and care,

But I know what I feel for you,

I always say sorry,

Just to satisfy your ego,

I don’t expect anything from you

But you expect everything from me,

I hold the relations,

The relation I share with you is reason for living my life,

I am myself, what I am that no one can be,

Everyone has their own personality some changes and some don’t.



Soul is Soul

Everyone Says that Soul exist,
But do anyone know where it exist,
Does it exist in living thing or non living thing,
Some people say soul exist in the good deeds you do,
some people say soul exist in the world you live in,
Some people say we become pure by soul,
But when we will become pure when our soul would be pure,
But then why do we break someone’s heart, why we hurt, why we laugh on others problem,
Soul is not outer part of your body,
But its part of your full body,whether its inner or outer,
Soul Exist in your eyes
Soul exist in your talks.
Soul eiist in you pain,
Soul is visible and invisible,
Invisible soul is attached to our heart,
Where as visible soul is in our nature,
Soul is Soul just you to need identfy your own soul.