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I Miss him

I miss that love,

I miss that special time i shared with him,

I miss the evening coffee i use to have with him,

I miss that hug which use to make me feel secured,

I miss that smile, which I use to see on his face,

I miss that child inside me which i was with him,

I miss my life that i shared with him,

I miss that kiss which i used to get on my forehead

to let me know that don’t worry i am always there with you,

But today when i look back i have everything to be missed

About him and our love,

But in my present i don’t have anything to miss

Accept our memories,

When he had promised that he will always be there with me

Then why he left me alone and went to god,

I want him back but i cannot,

I just have the memories to be missed,

Always have the best memories in life

Because when that person will live you

We will not come to know.

Falling in love is very easy, staying

In love is a challenge, letting go is

Hard, and moving on is the hardest…