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Friendship is love

I Love the way you smile at me,
I Love the way you see me,
I Love when you see around me,just to check that no other guy is seeing me,
I Love the insecurity in your eyes of loosing me,
I Love the way you talk about every little silly thing you do,
I Love the way you make me irritated by saying all the stupid jokes,
I Love the way you see me through the corner of your eyes after the fight
Just to check that i am angry or smiling,
I Love the way you show your innocent face after the argument,
I love the way when you smile mischeviously,
I know its unconditional love i have for you,
It’s not lovers love, but a pure friendship love,
The love of your friendship is the soul of my life.

Best Friends

I and you are best friends but then to people never understand what relationship we share,

I know how many  girlfriends you have,

You know what i am ,

I know you are not my type of guy,

You know i am not your type of girl,

I and you fight for almost 30 times in a day for small reasons,

I and you talks almost 8 to 9  hrs in a day,

Many people tells us that we look to great  togthere,

We laugh when people say you make great pair, and i say you and my partner never,

No doubt we love each other,

No doubt we cannot stay without each other,

No doubt there is not a single day, when we have not talk,

But then too we share a platonic relationship where  we just take each other as Best Friends,

We share our life, but then too we are Best Friends,

Every relation cannot turn into love…