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Know me know happiness, no me no happiness

One word has so many meanings,

Life is full of meaning with the words,

One words with two different spellings, with two different meaning,

But when said it sounds the same,

Happiness comes when you are ready to fly with the pleasure of happiness,

Know me Know happiness, Happiness in knowing me is the best time of knowing you,

Know me you will know the happy time, small happiness,

No me there would be smile, but the happiness would not be there,

I am a toxic which you need in your life,

When this toxic of your happiness gets out of your life,

It would be toughest thing to accept,

Know me Know happiness,

As I am silent Happiness,

The words are silent’s,

The Happiness covered up by me for you,

To be in the safe arms,

No me no safe arms,

No me no life,

Know me know mischief,

Know me Know madness,

Happiness is just in small things you do,

Always me Know me Know Happiness,

As No Me No Happiness would be in your life.


Life is meant to be loved

Life is so crazy,
But then too we are unhappy from it,
When we are in crowd we want to be alone,
when we are alone we need someone to be with us,
Life plays its role perfectly,
we are never satisfied,
We human’s have a tendency of expecting more and more,
When we get something we want more,
Sometimes we want to live in someone else ‘s life,
But we never think that5 someone would be also thinking the same,
Life is what we make,
But sometimes life makes us something,
Enjoy the spirit of living.

I am Candle

I am like a candle who gives everyone a light in darkness,

I burn myself to give you light and hope,

I don’t care of myself but I care for everyone,

But when you don’t need me you just me somewhere,

You just take me as an Option,

But I will never stop giving you light of hope,

I will always be there in your darkness no matter how you treat me,

I will always hold your hand when everyone has left you alone,

I will be a light for your life,

When you are in darkness you will always find me with a light of small laugh and happiness.

Life is not about cribbing but loving..

When life turns the pages we don’t know whats next
but in life something good is always written,
We always crib about the things which are not happening
but we never see the good things which has happend with us,
We love too hear good things about us
but the time when someone says any bad point of ours ,we start disliking that person,
We love to gossip about others
but when someone gossips about us, we feel bad,
Life is not about cribing
but life is about loving,
Life has all the master keys
but you need to get that master key by your paitence,
Life is all about loving people
but not gossiping about their bad habits,
Life is all about accepting as it comes,
Life is not about crying
but its about sharing your love,care and happiness,
Love life and life will love you more…

Respect Life

Life is something which we never get if we don’t respect our current life

Life teaches you everything

Life is best friend

Life is love

Life is prayers

Life always makes you think that if you are upset then don’t be coz there is something gud ahead..

Life is sweet is like chocolates

Life is sour like coffee

Life can make you feel that you are the best in your own self

Life gives you pain

Life gives you happiness

So always respect your life because we get only one chance to experience the roller coaster ride of life

This is specially for people who think there is nothing gud happening in my life then you have still closed your eyes just open your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster ride of life you are surely going to love it……

” Life it self is gift of life, Life is sharing, life is caring, life is wonder, life is strange”

Life is like a plain paper

Life is like a plain paper till the time you don;t write anything it is clear.

The moment you start writing you write the beautiful moments of life .

we are human being and we are never satisfied by our life……….

We are always hungry for everything, 

if we get love then we start expecting more love, 

If we get Fame and gud work then we expect more and more Fame………………..

Why we are never satisfied with the things we get i still havent got any answer?……..

Live life like there is never Tommorow …………

Life is given Once and if you live it Kingsize then you will never feel that we have not lived the life in fullest….

If love is life then love it ……

Just start being friend of your own life and when you start feeling bored……..

then start asking your friend that is “life” why im feeling bored?

i should not feel bored when you are there…..

life will answer you im there with you 24 hrs 

i teach you love,care,anger,sacrifice,understanding, 

because when good happens then you tell that a good thing happened 

but when bad happens you start cursing me blame me but then to i never live you alone…………

always love life……..

Life is a Film

Life is a film, we are the actors of our film,so always appreciate and check the positive and negative aspects of the film by your own self,

Because you are the maker of your film not others,

learn to accept the faults by smile and love it,

don’t make others as audience to judge your film,

whatever the review of your film is but it will make you learn many things.. :)