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Separated mother

9 months you were in my womb,

I carried you in my womb I felt the most luckiest mother,

your every hit made me smile,

The pain made me smile,

your  every little move made me Happy,

9 Months were the most lovely days,

I took care of mine, just to see you ,

You were born in me,

You gave me a new life,

A new up gradation in my status,

A status of mother, which is best status in my whole life Then why you did not live with me,

I tried to adjust with every relation just to have you in my life,

I was not selfish but there was no other option, separation from you my child,

had killed me from inside,

separation is easy word to say but toughest to handle,

The word mother I never heard,

separation with you, was like a broken mirror,

Today also when i see you,

I touch my womb and smile ,

Tears flows, you never know what my life is?

Today also I wait for every single moment just to have a small look of yours,

I miss the time when you were small I had to leave you,

When you got separated from me my breath was stopped,

My life had died, I was killed inside.

A separation made me realized a pain of losing our own heartbeats..

Separation from life, Today just to feel your love, your naughtiness,

I play with other kids and feel their naughtiness..

Never separate a mother from her child…

Separation from you separated me from my life…

Love your Mom

You kept me in your womb for 9 months,

Your legs were swollen up,

You felt nausea,

You felt heaviness in your body,

You loved every moment of carrying me in your womb,

You always kept your hand on me I could feel it,

You did all the household work carrying me in your womb,

You never complained when I use to move and kick you,

You always prayed for my good health,

You went to through all the pain when you gave me birth,

You went through a fear of nothing should happen to me, but you didn’t care about yourself,

Mom you took all the pain just to see me, feel me, giving me a new life,

A life for which how much I thank you that would not be enough,

Mom I can never return the things which you did for me,

The sacrifices, to fight with the world to give me happiness,

Only I can do is love you even more and make you proud,

I am proud to be your daughter.

Love your mom.







Mother is a god gift

First word a child learns to speak is mother,

Mother is the best part of our life,

Mother takes so much pain,

Mother keeps her child for 9 months in one part of her body,

But then to she never complained to her child,

Mother bears every pain to protect her child,

If there would be small amount of food then she will not

But make her child eat that food,

Mother will always fight for her children’s happiness,

Never hurt your mother because

She will never tell her child that she is hurt,

Mothers are the second face of God..