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Memories never parted us away

Rains were the first approval of our love,
The wet roads, and you holding my hands,
The crowded streets but we did not remember that we are in crowd,
We were lost in each others eyes,
But today still that crowded streets is there,
but we are not there in this crowded streets,
The eyes are still lost in that time,
Today eyes are not wet by rains ,
but eyes are wet because you are not there.
That time has been passed when we parted away,
but memories have not parted us from each other,
I want this rains too wash out my pain.
The pain which runs all over my mind and soul.


I love Rains

I love the way you touch me,
I love the way you hug me,
I love the way you hide my tears,
I love the way you make me smile with your sweet smell,
I love the way you make every child happy,
I love the way you shower the happiness to farmers,
I love the way you make sky dark,
I love the way you make the atmosphere romantic,
I just want to request you one thing that please don’t
shower to much happiness because it spoils the life of the people
staying on road,
I love you Rains, Just waiting for you to shower the happiness and hide the pain.

Rains makes you remember the best memories of love

The Rains Reminds me every single moment which we had
spent together,
You holding my hand just to be protective, that no one else just dares to push me in the crowd,
That standing under the train when your car use to stop working,
That Getting Wet in the rain and having roadside tea,
That hug which use to make me hide in your arms,
That throwing away the umbrella and dancing madly in the rains,
That standing in the rain and shouting loudly
I Love You,
Rains are the most special for me,
No matter we are not together but our memories are still alive,
Miss You and I love  You Rains..

Rains are sweet

Getting wet in the rains,

That sweet smell of mud,

That dancing in the rain,

That couple love,

The romantic hug in the rains,

The uninvited but sweet,

This rain always makes me feel good,

Unpredictable but always imaginable,

Sitting in the balcony for hours with a cup of hot tea and seeing the rain falling..

Enjoy the rains because it make you child again, Jumping in the water, and makes you remember the school days..