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What relation you share with me?

You say I am yours,

You say you love me,

You say you hate me,

You go mad on me,

Sometimes you say you are attached to me,

You say life is black without my existence,

Sometimes you say get lost,

You pretend you don’t care,

You just quietly see me,

Sometimes you just ignore me,

Sometimes you make me smile.

You get jealous,

You hate sharing me,

Sometimes you stop talking,

Sometimes you just talk 24*7,

What relation we share?

A relation which has no name,

A relation of love,

A relation of friendship,

A relation which we don’t know?

You make me cry, your fight, arguments all can handled,

The relation we share is mysterious and unknown,

Loving each moment with you, in unnamed relation…



Know me know happiness, no me no happiness

One word has so many meanings,

Life is full of meaning with the words,

One words with two different spellings, with two different meaning,

But when said it sounds the same,

Happiness comes when you are ready to fly with the pleasure of happiness,

Know me Know happiness, Happiness in knowing me is the best time of knowing you,

Know me you will know the happy time, small happiness,

No me there would be smile, but the happiness would not be there,

I am a toxic which you need in your life,

When this toxic of your happiness gets out of your life,

It would be toughest thing to accept,

Know me Know happiness,

As I am silent Happiness,

The words are silent’s,

The Happiness covered up by me for you,

To be in the safe arms,

No me no safe arms,

No me no life,

Know me know mischief,

Know me Know madness,

Happiness is just in small things you do,

Always me Know me Know Happiness,

As No Me No Happiness would be in your life.


My Soul is beautiful

I am not Perfect I know,
I am not beautiful in looks as said by someone,
I am short tempered,
I am moody,
I am shy,
But one thing is there that is beautiful in me
thats my soul,
My soul is beautiful, it does not see my looks
but sees my purity and honesty in the way i care
and love,
I am not Perfect i know,
but if i be perfect then there would be no flaws in me to love,
I Love to be imperfect,
coz people who love’s me accepts me with my Imperfection.

Blind trust

Trust I have on you ,
Will never be broken by anything,
Trust is on you,
Not on what others say to me about you,
Trust of me on you is like my heartbeats,
I don’t know what people think about my trust,
But i know my soul never feels wrong when i trust you,
Trust is all about trusting someone blindly,
I am happy to be blind,
I don’t know how much you trust me,
But my trust is like my heartbeats which will never stop,
IT Can only stop when you break my Trust.

Life is meant to be loved

Life is so crazy,
But then too we are unhappy from it,
When we are in crowd we want to be alone,
when we are alone we need someone to be with us,
Life plays its role perfectly,
we are never satisfied,
We human’s have a tendency of expecting more and more,
When we get something we want more,
Sometimes we want to live in someone else ‘s life,
But we never think that5 someone would be also thinking the same,
Life is what we make,
But sometimes life makes us something,
Enjoy the spirit of living.

Memories never parted us away

Rains were the first approval of our love,
The wet roads, and you holding my hands,
The crowded streets but we did not remember that we are in crowd,
We were lost in each others eyes,
But today still that crowded streets is there,
but we are not there in this crowded streets,
The eyes are still lost in that time,
Today eyes are not wet by rains ,
but eyes are wet because you are not there.
That time has been passed when we parted away,
but memories have not parted us from each other,
I want this rains too wash out my pain.
The pain which runs all over my mind and soul.


When I will die

I am born alone in this world,

I will die alone in this world,

No one will be with me in my death time,

When i will be going to god

I would like to thank God for giving me an opportunity

To live in the world where love is there and hate is also there,

This world has taught me to say the truth no matter how brutal that truth is,

This world has taught me to have the strength to bear the pain,

A pain given by the person, whom you love the most,

This world has given me a greatest feeling that of

Loving and being loved,

This world has taught me to fight against the wrong things,

This world has taught me to accept the situation as it comes.

This World has taught me to live in alone when the people whom you love the most are not there with you,

This world has taught me that in life you need to sacrifice some things if not needed but for some people,

This world has taught me the real fact of life that is nothing is permanent in life and nothing is mine,

I am just a puppet and my threads are in god’s hands,

One day my thread will be pulled up by god,

But the things which I tell are mine will not come with me,

Only one thing will come with me are my good deeds,

My relationships will not come with me but yes my soul will be

Always there with them.


Beauty lies in your soul

You are beautiful not by the way you look but the way you smile,

Your beauty lies in your mischievous eyes,

Your beauty lies in your soft lips,

Your beauty lies when you hold my hand and say don’t worry I am there with you,

Your beauty lies when you care for me,

Your beauty lies when you whisper in my ear “I Love you”,

Your beauty is like sun always bright and makes my life bright by adding your love,

Your beauty is like moon which is calm and beautiful lightens my life in Darkness.

Soulful Love

Feeling of life is born in a soul,

I love you through my soul,

I see you in my soul,

I see our child in my soul,

I see our parenting in our soul,

I see every moments which we had spend in my soul,

I see our unconditional love and passion in my soul,

I know in practical world we are not together but in my soul world we are connected in love

And we will always be connected through our soul in our soulful love relationship.

I am Candle

I am like a candle who gives everyone a light in darkness,

I burn myself to give you light and hope,

I don’t care of myself but I care for everyone,

But when you don’t need me you just me somewhere,

You just take me as an Option,

But I will never stop giving you light of hope,

I will always be there in your darkness no matter how you treat me,

I will always hold your hand when everyone has left you alone,

I will be a light for your life,

When you are in darkness you will always find me with a light of small laugh and happiness.