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Life Is A Miracle

Life is what? That is the biggest question in our life.

Life is unpredictable. There are many different people in this lovely world whose life is similar to our own life. We meet so many different people in our day to day life and find many common and sometimes unusual things. In today’s world people don’t have time for each other, but there is one girl who takes time to find her life and different lifes. She loves to observe people. Her name is Ishika she loves to see her life through others life.

One day Ishika was just sitting in a cafe shop and was thinking about her next book. Sorry I forgot to tell you all that Ishika is famous writer. She is a successful and independent girl. Ishika loves coffee and that also black coffee without sugar and her friends always tell her that she is mad cos she drinks coffee without sugar. She had started her writing in this café shop so she always starts her new novel‘s writing here. She writes here because she sees many different people. She sees young school group, friends, family or some are alone like her. That day ishika had no plans to write and had just come to chill and enjoy her coffee and relax. Suddenly she saw two girls coming and they sat near to her table. One girl had full of attitude and the other one was bubbly and healthy. Ishika’s ‘observation had started. She started observing the girl who had full of attitude in looks she was short and slim and thinking that im not the perfect girl and the other girl was chubby and willing to show that she is happy and she is the best. There was a common thing going in both the girls life that why we are always chosen for pain??? Ishika was loving to observe this girls. For half n hour ishika was just observing and suddenly she thought that she wants to speak with this girls, but how they don’t know her and they can also think that she is a mad girl so what should she do???? After 10 min she finally got up from her seat and went to that girls table. She was standing and that girls thought that she is waitress so the attitude girl told her come after 5 min we are still deciding … madam wait im not the waitress here ishika said.. The other girl asked then who are you???? For 2min ishika was silent then she said hi im Ishika Shah actually I was observing both of you from last half n hour and just felt to have a word. Both the girls facial expression was showing that they didn’t like to be observed but then to they smiled and asked what work you have???? Ishika told im a writer and my novels are already published I was just having my coffee and saw both of you and felt that there is something special in you…may I know your names if you don’t mind…… the attitude girl was still thinking and the bubbly one said hey hi im Aura and the attitude one then said that hi im Rewa.. Then ishika said hi can we sit… aura told yaa sure. Then they were just chit chatting and finally ishika came to her point hey im sorry but I want to talk with you both about ur life…ishika said I have observed many things in both of you and somewhere I feel our life is connected to each other somewhere. Rewa’s facial expression was showing completely that she is not at all interested in the conversation but aura was showing her full interest. Ishika said to aura you know aura we human beings are all same we always think that our life is bad and we have got every pain in our life and we start cursing our life. Ishika was observing rewa’s expression.rewa was taking a lot of interest after hearing this. You know aura I didn’t knew that I will be a famous writer but today im ishika said. Aura was smiling and rewa was still in her thoughts suddenly the waitress came and disturbed our conversation what u will have mam???? We placed the order and then rewa said u know ishika u told one rite thing that we curse our life lot but there is no other option left for us. Ishika was listening carefully what rewa was speaking.

Aura a girl who can make anyone laugh was so sad inside and has gone through so much of pain. Rewa and aura were watching me I was in deep in thought aura said hey ishika what happened? Ishika said nothing what has happened in both of your life? Rewa and aura had gone through lots of criticism and taunts by their on relatives. They both had gone through worst health problem and that I could see in their eyes. Aura was suffering from disease called SLE that is one in million and it destroys your main parts of body she had gone through a paralyses attack but there were no signs of paralyses in her body. Aura was a miracle baby. Aura‘s closet people had told her that she cannot do anything and she cannot live a normal life also. But she had proven everyone wrong rite now she is working with a MNC company and she is numerologist. Rewa was suffering from calcium problem. She was very slim and her height was short so she uses to feel that no one like her and she does not look gud. Aura problem was that she had gained weight because of medicine and thought that she does not look good. Rewa was very creative buy mind and but confused at the same time. Rewa had many failures in her past but rite now she is working with IT company. Ishika was thinking that we are all same. Rewa saw ishika and said hey ishika what are you thinking so deeply. Ishika smiled and said that I was thinking we are all same with almost same thinking I do feel that I don’t look gud because im fat. But after I got fame everyone has changed their attitude towards me. Rewa and aura please don’t mind but im going to write something on both of you. You both please don’t think about the society and their taunts where there are utensils there voices are going to come, just live life happily and enjoy the time Ur getting. We left the café as I had got a call from my publisher.    

After few days Ishika got call from rewa hey hi so what up with u? You know ishika there is good news aura is getting married next month rewa said. Ishika was shocked for few minutes then she said hey that absolutely fantastic news. There is one more news Ishika what???? Im getting engaged and next week. Second shocking news i said to babes that you will get happiness.

Aura got married and had shifted to London and rewa was giving her company she was also in London they both are happily married.


Life is a miracle!!!! Never think negative just have positive attitude towards life!!!! 

Light and darkness

Light and darkness are both important in life but somewhere we are shattered by both.Light gives us power and darkness gives us peace. But for some people life is dark and for some life is bright like a light.The life for Preet was great.preet was very loving and caring girl, she use to never say no to help anyone. In her family she was light..Preet was studying fashion designing.Preet was very beautiful actually she use too look like model.. Colors were her life. Preet designing was mind blowing. in her first ramp show which was held in her college Had famous models who were wearing clothes designed by Preet kapoor.preet is Delhi based gal, life for her is Bright like sun light and shining like moon light.Preet had everything in life loving family, a beautiful carrier and loving boyfriend. Does any human being anything else?? No but somewhere Preet life was taking u turn.Preet was going to Paris for her fashion show and her boyfriend named aditya was giving her company.

The show was on 17th July and everything was set… preet met there biggest designer of Hollywood and one of them told preet that i have suggestion for you you are good designer but at the same moment you can be good model too.Preet I have never thought of modeling for me my designing is my life. Ms. Kapoor I really want you to walk on ramp. Please its request, as we know Preet can never say no so she said yes I will walk. She got busy with her training for ramp show. She had an idea how the models do catwalk. Preet was fast learner.Aditya was very happy; he told Preet im very lucky to have you in my life. You are the most beautiful person.Adi if one day my beauty goes away for some reason and I start looking bad, will u then also love me as u do rite now.yes Preet but why u asked me this?? Just like that adi.hey preet finally the day has come you design are going to be famous and you are going to be famous as a model!!! Wish u all the luck and my love sweetheart.The Show started first designs were of Preet and everyone loved her work and she got a lot of appreciation and next was her turn for the ramp show.Preet looked stunning in that baby pink gown which was complimented with a diamond necklace. Preet started her walk her attitude and her beauty was complementing each other.In a night Preet had become famous as designer and as model also. That was very beautiful day … Preet had got that bright life which she never thought…after finishing the show Aditya and Preet were just getting out from hall there they had shouting of people they went back too see what happened there was short circuit..Preet saw a small girl standing near wire She ran there to pick the girl and she took the girl and gave to adi she was just getting out from there but her dress got attached to that wire and she got shock so badly her hand was burned Her face had got burning spots. Preet had lost herself. Aditya was there with her in hospital. The burns were so bad that doctor told aditya that we cannot do plastic surgery now.Aditya was in shock. Preet’s treatment had started but after 7 days they had to go back to India. Preet’s family was in tension. Preet had lost her confidence she didn’t wanted to come out from her room. in room also she kept the light off. Aditya told her that Preet we can do plastic surgery but not here we will do in India.

The day came when they were returning back from Paris. Preet had covered herself whole…after reaching to home she had locked herself in her room, she had started hating herself If someone use to on the light she use to get angry she liked darkness because in dark her burns were not been able to see. The gal whose life was bright like sunlight now it has become dark like night. Preet had stopped laughing; she was 24/7 in her room. Aditya use to come to meet her once in a month because he had got another girlfriend. Preet knew that and that had made her more sick. Preet’s family couldn’t see her like this. one day suddenly Tom came home. Now tom is person whom Preet had met in Paris and who had told her to walk for his ramp show. He had heard about Preet. Preet see who has come. Preet saw tom and said i am not the same beautiful girl… Preet you are beautiful who said you are not. Aditya left me because i got burned; now I have become so fat also. I hate myself, for the first time after that accident Preet had cried; her pain had come out after so many months.

Tom smiled and said you are beautiful and don’t worry you will be slim again and start walking on the ramp. No Tom I cannot my burns are still there on my hands and my face, So what I will take you the best doctor who does the plastic surgery and you will be as same as you were just I want your support and your faith in yourself. Tom why are you doing so much for me??? Because I have seen a talent in you and a creativeness in your designing. You are beautiful but you don’t have proud of it. Then finally Preet had got the brightness of her life, she went to USA for her surgery. Preet’s family had full trust in Tom. Finally the day had come when preet surgery was there. Preet’s Plastic surgery had successfully happened. Preet ‘s burns were gone, she was looking more beautiful. The Darkness of her life had vanished and light had come in her life.

On 15th July 2010 her first ramp show was there where she was model also and designer also. Tom had come to cheer her in India. The show was a huge hit.

Aditya had came to meet her and to tell sorry for his behavior, Preet I want to come back in your life I know you love me. Preet knew that aditya will tell this only. How people changes their colors like a chameleon. Aditya thanks for leaving me because of that i have got new confidence and new life .if have met my life partner just one minute Tom please come here!!! Tom and I are getting married in this December!!! Aditya all the best for your life and hope you get a loving partner and hot chick.Aditya was shocked….

Preet and Tom got married and they are happily staying in Paris.

 Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space.  It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe.  It gives of itself and is not there by diminished. When you possess light within, you see it externally, an increase in light gives an increase in darkness Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it. Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow

Every Human Being needs to through the darkness of Life and after facing that darkness there comes a new light in there Life which shines like a sunlight.