At The End We Have To Walk Alone

I walk alone on the road of pain, love, success,

I walk alone in the crowd

When there are so many people walking with me,

I walk alone on road of success,

I walk alone on this road,

People do walk with me but till an extent,

I walk alone on this road of love,

Where I know, I have to walk on roses and thorns,

I walk alone, but I know I am not alone,

Everyone leaved me alone in this journey of

Love, pain, success,

But the memories which I shared, does not leave me alone,

The journey of love and pain,

Is interesting the more I get pain the more I get love.

God Is Inside Us

No one has seen god

But we feel god is protecting us,

We have never heard god,

But then to we hear some voices, when we are alone,

God does not cry, when we are crying,

But then to we feel that someone is crying with us,

God has so many faces

But we love all the faces and pray to them,

God only love’s one face that is inside us,

God does not stay anywhere

But stays in our own self that is our soul,

God does not expects lots of money, gold, sweets

But god accepts honesty and humanity,

God has so many faces

But then to god teaches us first trust and love our soul,

God‘s favorite home is not Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, Church

But god’s favorite home is in every human’s being soul,

If soul is pure and true then no matter how tough is life?

You will always succeed because god is always walking with us

As an invisible shadow.



I Be Myself

I don’t pretend, I am myself,

But if you think I pretend than you seriously don’t know yourself,

I just be myself,

I speak truth,

I know sometimes truth hurts,

But I don’t play with emotions,

I am silent just to see you happy,

I don’t express my love and care,

But I know what I feel for you,

I always say sorry,

Just to satisfy your ego,

I don’t expect anything from you

But you expect everything from me,

I hold the relations,

The relation I share with you is reason for living my life,

I am myself, what I am that no one can be,

Everyone has their own personality some changes and some don’t.



My Soul is beautiful

I am not Perfect I know,
I am not beautiful in looks as said by someone,
I am short tempered,
I am moody,
I am shy,
But one thing is there that is beautiful in me
thats my soul,
My soul is beautiful, it does not see my looks
but sees my purity and honesty in the way i care
and love,
I am not Perfect i know,
but if i be perfect then there would be no flaws in me to love,
I Love to be imperfect,
coz people who love’s me accepts me with my Imperfection.

Blind trust

Trust I have on you ,
Will never be broken by anything,
Trust is on you,
Not on what others say to me about you,
Trust of me on you is like my heartbeats,
I don’t know what people think about my trust,
But i know my soul never feels wrong when i trust you,
Trust is all about trusting someone blindly,
I am happy to be blind,
I don’t know how much you trust me,
But my trust is like my heartbeats which will never stop,
IT Can only stop when you break my Trust.

Friendship is love

I Love the way you smile at me,
I Love the way you see me,
I Love when you see around me,just to check that no other guy is seeing me,
I Love the insecurity in your eyes of loosing me,
I Love the way you talk about every little silly thing you do,
I Love the way you make me irritated by saying all the stupid jokes,
I Love the way you see me through the corner of your eyes after the fight
Just to check that i am angry or smiling,
I Love the way you show your innocent face after the argument,
I love the way when you smile mischeviously,
I know its unconditional love i have for you,
It’s not lovers love, but a pure friendship love,
The love of your friendship is the soul of my life.

Soul is Soul

Everyone Says that Soul exist,
But do anyone know where it exist,
Does it exist in living thing or non living thing,
Some people say soul exist in the good deeds you do,
some people say soul exist in the world you live in,
Some people say we become pure by soul,
But when we will become pure when our soul would be pure,
But then why do we break someone’s heart, why we hurt, why we laugh on others problem,
Soul is not outer part of your body,
But its part of your full body,whether its inner or outer,
Soul Exist in your eyes
Soul exist in your talks.
Soul eiist in you pain,
Soul is visible and invisible,
Invisible soul is attached to our heart,
Where as visible soul is in our nature,
Soul is Soul just you to need identfy your own soul.


Life is meant to be loved

Life is so crazy,
But then too we are unhappy from it,
When we are in crowd we want to be alone,
when we are alone we need someone to be with us,
Life plays its role perfectly,
we are never satisfied,
We human’s have a tendency of expecting more and more,
When we get something we want more,
Sometimes we want to live in someone else ‘s life,
But we never think that5 someone would be also thinking the same,
Life is what we make,
But sometimes life makes us something,
Enjoy the spirit of living.

Memories never parted us away

Rains were the first approval of our love,
The wet roads, and you holding my hands,
The crowded streets but we did not remember that we are in crowd,
We were lost in each others eyes,
But today still that crowded streets is there,
but we are not there in this crowded streets,
The eyes are still lost in that time,
Today eyes are not wet by rains ,
but eyes are wet because you are not there.
That time has been passed when we parted away,
but memories have not parted us from each other,
I want this rains too wash out my pain.
The pain which runs all over my mind and soul.


I love Rains

I love the way you touch me,
I love the way you hug me,
I love the way you hide my tears,
I love the way you make me smile with your sweet smell,
I love the way you make every child happy,
I love the way you shower the happiness to farmers,
I love the way you make sky dark,
I love the way you make the atmosphere romantic,
I just want to request you one thing that please don’t
shower to much happiness because it spoils the life of the people
staying on road,
I love you Rains, Just waiting for you to shower the happiness and hide the pain.