I am your Shadow


Shadow has no identity in world,
I don’t have a name but still i am in your life,
I will not be with you in your happiness,
I will be with you in your pain,
I am Your Shadow,
I am your friend when there is no one else around you,
I am your lover when your love left you,
I am your care taker when you are lonely,
I am not visible but i exist,
I am your shadow when you need me, you will always find me with you,
I am your shade without name,
One day I your shadow will go away forever, that day you feel my existence.


The rain started and i was seeing this small children they were enjoying getting wet and shouting that was the beautiful scene ..
i was thinking it so good that we would always be small and enjoy every moment the innocent and liveliness the child has….
wished that there would be someone wid whom u can walk in this rain holding each other hands..
whom u know but then to different from each other and just loving and enjoying the rain…..

Happy Monsoon :)

Rains makes you remember the best memories of love

The Rains Reminds me every single moment which we had
spent together,
You holding my hand just to be protective, that no one else just dares to push me in the crowd,
That standing under the train when your car use to stop working,
That Getting Wet in the rain and having roadside tea,
That hug which use to make me hide in your arms,
That throwing away the umbrella and dancing madly in the rains,
That standing in the rain and shouting loudly
I Love You,
Rains are the most special for me,
No matter we are not together but our memories are still alive,
Miss You and I love  You Rains..

When I will die

I am born alone in this world,

I will die alone in this world,

No one will be with me in my death time,

When i will be going to god

I would like to thank God for giving me an opportunity

To live in the world where love is there and hate is also there,

This world has taught me to say the truth no matter how brutal that truth is,

This world has taught me to have the strength to bear the pain,

A pain given by the person, whom you love the most,

This world has given me a greatest feeling that of

Loving and being loved,

This world has taught me to fight against the wrong things,

This world has taught me to accept the situation as it comes.

This World has taught me to live in alone when the people whom you love the most are not there with you,

This world has taught me that in life you need to sacrifice some things if not needed but for some people,

This world has taught me the real fact of life that is nothing is permanent in life and nothing is mine,

I am just a puppet and my threads are in god’s hands,

One day my thread will be pulled up by god,

But the things which I tell are mine will not come with me,

Only one thing will come with me are my good deeds,

My relationships will not come with me but yes my soul will be

Always there with them.


Beauty lies in your soul

You are beautiful not by the way you look but the way you smile,

Your beauty lies in your mischievous eyes,

Your beauty lies in your soft lips,

Your beauty lies when you hold my hand and say don’t worry I am there with you,

Your beauty lies when you care for me,

Your beauty lies when you whisper in my ear “I Love you”,

Your beauty is like sun always bright and makes my life bright by adding your love,

Your beauty is like moon which is calm and beautiful lightens my life in Darkness.

Soulful Love

Feeling of life is born in a soul,

I love you through my soul,

I see you in my soul,

I see our child in my soul,

I see our parenting in our soul,

I see every moments which we had spend in my soul,

I see our unconditional love and passion in my soul,

I know in practical world we are not together but in my soul world we are connected in love

And we will always be connected through our soul in our soulful love relationship.

I am Candle

I am like a candle who gives everyone a light in darkness,

I burn myself to give you light and hope,

I don’t care of myself but I care for everyone,

But when you don’t need me you just me somewhere,

You just take me as an Option,

But I will never stop giving you light of hope,

I will always be there in your darkness no matter how you treat me,

I will always hold your hand when everyone has left you alone,

I will be a light for your life,

When you are in darkness you will always find me with a light of small laugh and happiness.

We Were not meant to be with each other but still love remains the same

We Were not meant to be with each other but still love remains the same,
You loved me the most but we could not be together,
You taught me many things, but you forgot to taught me how to stop loving you,
You didn’t realised that i started loving you so much that i forgot myself,
I forgot the person who i was,
Your love made me blind
Because i could not see the world from my eyes , but i could see it through your eys only,
You made me so much dependable on you that now when i am out in a crowd my eyes searches for you only,
My soul has stop reacting when someone tells me that they love me,
It only reacted when i was with you,
I knew that one day we will be not together
But that day would have come so soon i didn’t knew,
Now you tell me what should i do to myself,
You made me loved you so much that if i think to love someone else i cannot,
Where should i find myself what i was before i met you,
Now when i search myself i can just find myself in you eyes,in your soul,in your talks,
When i walk in crowd i am all alone
But then to i feel you are holding my hand and walking with me in that crowd,
I love you whether you are with me or you are not,
The person who touched my soul was only you,
I still love the connection we had for each other,
I wish that moments does not come back,
If it comes i would not be able to start my life again,
So i just take this opportunity of thanking you to show me the
Real Love in this Practical World.

Love You

Love you for what you are,
Love you for what you do,
Love you for what you live in,
Love you the way you smile,
Love you the way you give me suprises,
Love you the way you make me smile,
Love you the way you hug me tightly,
Love you the way you make suprise morning tea for me,
Love you the way you pamper me,
Love you the way you treat me as a kid,
Love you the way you are.

Love Unspoken

Love is sometimes better unspoken,
I Love You so much but i will never tell you,
I love everything about you
But you will never come to know my love for you,
The small small happiness i get when i am with you
is the best feelings,
You will never come to know my uncoditional love for you
You will never be able to see the love in my eyes for you
Because you are too busy in seeing others girls,
I love your innocence and care you have for me
but you will never have any idea how much i care for you,
I am not your Girl and i will never be
because i will never show you my feelings,
My love is unspoken and unconditional..