Love the woman inner beauty

Love the women as she is,

Don’t try to change her,

Because once if she gets changed for you

Then her inner beauty will be dead,

Love the women with her inner beauty and true soul,

Don’t love her by her outer beauty,

Coz her outer beauty will stay for some years but her inner beauty will stay with her till her last breath,

Women are second face of angel and angels are always beautiful by soul,

Love the women as she is and she will love you as you are

And will accept you with your every bad habit.

Love Has no Language

Love is Blind a blind men says,

Love is deaf a deaf men says,

Love is paralytic a paralytic men says,

Love has no language

Love has only sign of magic,

Love has pure sign of loving someone,

Love is pure and it creates a wonderful magic to live in for everyone,

Love doesn’t see that a person is looking good or not,

Love doesn’t see any diseases in any human being.

Love is Our Soul..

I did not know what the feeling of love was,

Till the time you came in my life,

I want to tell you I love you so much

That I can sing a song for you in between 1000 of people,

When I am in crowd I am not alone,

Your eyes are following me,

You don’t know what you mean to me,

When you hug me I feel I am at the safest place

Just listening your heartbeats which beats for me,

I love when you kiss me on forehead

That makes me proud,

You taught me that what real love is,

You placed me in your soul,

For everyone we are two different people

But by soul we are one..

You are my shadow and I am yours..

Love is Love

love is strong a feeling,
love is a feeling which you feel, which you have never felt,
Love is blind, coz it doesn’t see that a person is beautiful or not,
Love is linked by life,
Love happens at any age,
Love is for everyone,
Love does not check a person is white or black,
Love only sees the purity of soul,
Love only needs honesty,
Love is love.

Don’t be in relationship forcefully..

When you loved me, you expected that i love you without any expectation,

When you loved me, you expected that i always be with you when you needed me,

When you loved me, you always thought about your pain but never ever tried to understand my pain,

When you loved me, you always wanted me to be yours as you wanted,

When you loved me, you always thought about your comfortablity,

But did you ever thought am i comfortable, am i happy..

In life never be into any relationship forcefully, Speak your heart out, 

This is for all the people who stay forcefully in a relationship because they think they will hurt a person,

but no if you don’t speak then it is lifetime pain you are giving to the person who loves you.

ITs better to hurt someone with the truth then to hurting by saying lie.

Relationship are made by us but sometimes it happens we try to change ourself so much for that person that we start feeling suffocated.


My heart still skips when i talk to you

My heart still skips, when i talk to you.
My heart still skips, when you say you are beautiful,
My heart still skips, when you say you love me madly,
My heart still skips, when you say you can never let me go,
My heart still skips, when you say, no doubt how you look , i just love you as you are,
My heart still skips, when you say never go away from me,
My heart still skips, when you say its not your fault and you have never spoiled my life,
My heart still skips, when you say, you have made my life beautiful and made me a sweet person,
My heart still skips, when you hug me tightly and make sure that no tensions or pain can come to me,
My heart still skips, When you say you can see any tears in my eyes and you wipe my every tear,
My heart still skips, when you say, i accept you as you are, my love doesn’t need your looks but it needs your soul,
My heart still skips, When you say i love you and you are the reason for my life to live.

Life is not about cribbing but loving..

When life turns the pages we don’t know whats next
but in life something good is always written,
We always crib about the things which are not happening
but we never see the good things which has happend with us,
We love too hear good things about us
but the time when someone says any bad point of ours ,we start disliking that person,
We love to gossip about others
but when someone gossips about us, we feel bad,
Life is not about cribing
but life is about loving,
Life has all the master keys
but you need to get that master key by your paitence,
Life is all about loving people
but not gossiping about their bad habits,
Life is all about accepting as it comes,
Life is not about crying
but its about sharing your love,care and happiness,
Love life and life will love you more…

Best Friends

I and you are best friends but then to people never understand what relationship we share,

I know how many  girlfriends you have,

You know what i am ,

I know you are not my type of guy,

You know i am not your type of girl,

I and you fight for almost 30 times in a day for small reasons,

I and you talks almost 8 to 9  hrs in a day,

Many people tells us that we look to great  togthere,

We laugh when people say you make great pair, and i say you and my partner never,

No doubt we love each other,

No doubt we cannot stay without each other,

No doubt there is not a single day, when we have not talk,

But then too we share a platonic relationship where  we just take each other as Best Friends,

We share our life, but then too we are Best Friends,

Every relation cannot turn into love…

Never Miss true love in life

When you told I Love You

I thought you were just joking,

When you told that I cannot stay without you

I thought you were telling me to impress,

When you told me your smiles matters more than mine

I thought your intentions are not good,

When you told me I can do anything for you

I thought you love films dialogue to speak,

When you gave me all the attention in party

I thought you are also same like other guys just one thing in mind,

When you said I will miss you when I am gone from your life

I thought you are acting,

When you told me trust me

I had hundreds question in my mind about trusting you.

But today when you are not with me and you are with someone else

I miss your care, love,

I miss you; I didn’t realize that I had already started loving you,

True love in life comes very rarely, never miss it…